The rules in Hurricane's World

1. No KOS (Kill On Sight)

2. No PvP, no murdering, stealing or kidnapping

3. No Base raiding

==> Actions 1, 2 and 3 will result in a ban from the server

4. Each player can own 1 car and 1 tent

==> No hoarding vechicles/tents! A warning shall be given followed by a ban after repeating this action

4.1. Boats must stay in water, a player can own 1 boat if his/her base is located next to water as an extra way of transportation

5. Basebuilding: No floating bases!

     A base can have floating pieces simply for the esthetics of the base                                                

5.1. Check map for available places

5.2. No building on roads, paved or unpaved

6. Only one account per player is allowed

7. Respect other players, any forms of racial, discriminatory, hate or slander will result in a ban 

8. Keep connected to the discord channel, it is used to communicate any rule changes or problems on the server

9. When applying to be white listed, you hereby agree to follow the server rules